About us...

Our Beginning
CLG Photography was founded in September of 2007, just months after the birth of our first child. As the years have gone on, we're so thankful that God has blessed us with 3 beautiful, healthy little kids. It's wonderful that Laura can stay home with them as they grow, and this business is the result of our decision for Laura to be a stay-at-home mother. CLG is comprised of all of our initials in our names.

We Love What We Do
Photography is a passion for us, and we believe the Lord, Jesus Christ, has blessed us with our abilities; we can do nothing good without Him! As time has passed, we've learned, improved and have become more enamored with photography. We're serious about this business; our recent weddings and sessions, along with our equipment list, will show this. We love to get to know our clients. Interact with them. Make them feel comfortable, and become more like friends than anything. This is not just a business transaction to us. This is your memories. And we take that to heart.

In the 11 years that we've been in business we've improved dramatically. Our techniques are better, our equipment is better, and no one can argue with the value of experience. We have established a style drawn from the inspiration of some East and West coast photographers, in regards to framing, posing/capturing and processing/editing. We like vibrant colors when possible, and classic black-and-white when trying to isolate emotion. We make use of off camera lighting and very narrow depth of field. We use medium and long telephoto lenses to add flattering compression to portraits and good background blur (bokeh) along with reflectors to bounce fill light back onto the subject. In indoor events, such as wedding receptions, we shoot with diffused or bounced flash balanced with a higher mix of ambient light than you traditionally see in this area. Why? Because it more closely resembles what you'd really see, and we're not in the days of 400 and 800 ASA film anymore. We do not like photos of brightly lit couples and black backgrounds. We stay consistent in our style and do not typically care for photo processing trends that fizzle out after a year or two.
Our Workflow
CLG Photography's workflow consists of shooting in RAW, archiving to BluRay and external hard drives in case of disaster, culling lack-luster or redundant photos, processing those we feel are strong and then editing and, finally, posting to the our proofing site. We do this to every proof! In fact, the photos you see in our portfolio are simply proofs moved over to another gallery.

We Give the Disc
For every client (of one of our usual listed packages) we will include a data DVD of the full resolution, proofed pictures in jpg format, at no extra cost. Our wedding negatives were destroyed years ago and we no longer have a chance to get more high quality large prints...we don't want that to happen to you!

     CLG Photography is a member of CPS (Canon Professional Services)

CLG Photography's work has been featured in the magazines Glamour, Vogue, Allure, Self, and Lucky. Our work can also be seen in several brochures and advertisements, such as the Jet Express, etc.